GAINSWave® is a non-invasive, low intensity procedure that uses low frequency sound waves to encourage new blood flow to the penis and genital area. Since low blood flow is the main cause of Erectile Dysfunction, GAINSWave® treats the root cause and allows you to have enhanced sexual performance and enjoyment.

The Benefits of GAINSWave®

  • Stronger Erections
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Non-Invasive Sessions
  • Enhanced Sensation
  • Drug & Pain Free
  • Longer Lasting Results

Results of GAINSWave® Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction
The pulsating sound waves generated by GAINSWave® radial extra-corporeal shock waves open existing blood vessels in the penis. This stimulates increased blood flow and even promotes the growth of new blood vessels. The result is longer-lasting, harder erections and improved sexual performance. Another benefit of the GAINSWave® treatment is the rejuvenation of older stem cells and growth factors deep in the tissue, leading to a stronger and more youthful penis.

Peyronie’s Disease
GAINSWave® works in treating Peyronie’s disease by removing plaque and scar tissue, causing a more normal curvature of the penis. The right Peyronie’s disease treatment must address the scar tissue (root cause of the disease). GAINSWave® uses low-intensity sound waves to remove the plaque and scar tissue, straightening out the erection. The result is pain-free erections and much more enjoyable sex! Along with this you’ll experience stronger, longer-lasting erections from the increased blood flow to the penis.

Sexual Enhancement
No matter what your age, the GAINSWave® treatment gives men more powerful, longer-lasting erections for top sexual performance and endurance.